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Trang Vo Ta Han/P1

"Ban Tinh Ca Bat Diet", nhe nhang, tha thiet, tru tinh, cac tieu bieu cho tinh ca Vo Ta Han

Em Van Yeu Anh, Nhac VoTa Han,        Noi Nho Lang Cam, nhac VTH, tho
Tho Thuy Trang, Quynh Lan hat            Pham Ngoc, tieng hat Quang Minh

Roi Chieu Nay, nhac VTH, tho                  "Choi Tu", nhac VTH, tho My Ngoc,
LT Quynh Huong, Quynh Lan hat            tieng hat Quynh Lan 
Vo ta Han va phu nhan Kim Chau

Han Vo-Ta is also an author of many articles on Economics, Finance and Management which have been published in the Saigon Economic Times since 1991.  His latest book, Canh Hoa Truoc Gio, was published in Vietnam in February 2004 and became the best selling economics book in Vietnam when it went into the 5th printing in June 2006

In 1974, Han wrote his first song "Ai Tro Ve Xu Viet" (which is commonly known as "Nho Me"), with the lyrics taken from a poem of his aunt, Minh Duc Hoai Trinh.  However, he did not compose seriously until by chance, he found a collection of poems by Huynh Van Dung in Saigon in 1993, which inspired him to write 10 songs and released his first album "Dau Ngay Xua Rat Xua", both in the US and Vietnam in 1994. He then went on to compose over 600 songs and by 2008, has released 37 CDs... the latest one, Ban Tinh Ca Bat Diet, has been widely acclaimed.

In 1983, Han founded the Singapore Classical Guitar Society and remained its President for 16 years.  It was during this period that he transcribed and published a number of selected Vietnamese songs for classical guitar.  However, it was not until 2008 that he released his first 2 Guitar CDs "Ben Doi Hiu Quanh" and "Los Sitios de Zaragosa"!

His piano arrangements are mostly from a collection of selected pieces which he originally arranged for ... his wife to practice during the long winter days while they were living in Canada!

EASTERN MUSIC SINGAPORE is proud to present all the musical works by Han Vo-Ta, consisting of his guitar and piano transcriptions, as well as his Vietnamese songs composed with lyrics from favorite poems

  Vo Ta Han website: http://hanvota.com/nhac/







CD phat hanh truoc nam 2004







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