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As the story goes, things in this life happen for a reason. And it is also my habit to forget quickly unhappy events and to remember for a long time things which turn out to be so dear to my heart. My brief interaction with Dr Richard Kogan in Las Vegas in this fortunate year of 2009 has been an experience to be remembered for a life time.


It started with this evening when the participants of the annual Psychopharmacology Update, under the sponsorship of the University of Nevada, School of Medicine had this rare chance to enjoy this exquisite presentation by Dr Richard Kogan, a prestigious professor of psychiatry from New York who happens to be also a world famous concert pianist, frequently in the artistic company of such great performer of our time as Yo Yo Ma.


And…I had a brief encounter with Dr. Richard Kogan. How great an artist he is, and how friendly and unassuming a man he would come across. Brief, indeed was the meeting, and profound as it will come out to be. Yes profound, because now we have Dr Kogan as an honorary member of our Music Club TMC.


Dr Kogan, with your approval,  it is our joy to induct you in our website visontmc.com and to dedicate this webpage to you, in your honor.


So,  what is the website visontmc.com.? This is a Memory Book for The Music Club. It is a place where, when you surf through its pages, you will find the pictures and representative works of your friends which are  there not as personal boasting, but as a memory chip which will carry the meaning of friendship over a time frame as long as our heart still believes in friendship. For that purpose, Dr. Son Vi Nguyen, the keeper of this memory book, has bought memory space in Go Daddy, the biggest American Webhosting company, for the next 10 years. And with our Lord’s willing, if Vi Son is still alive by then, the contract with Go Daddy will be renewed for another 10 years. So visontmc.com will be around for awhile for our friends, family and children to visit and to have this moving experience to walk through, in a time capsule, the beautiful HALL OF FRIENDSHIP.


Welcome Dr Richard Kogan, we are happy to have you in this ever lasting circle of FRIENSHIP.

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